Anjali Team-Teaching Project Takes Off!

What a beautiful day. Four newly recruited dance artists met in Banbury for the first day of Anjali’s Team-Teaching Project. We kick-started the day with a gentle and embodied warm-up facilitated by Kate Taylor. As most of the team had travelled over 100 miles to be there, a gentle ‘arriving in our bodies’ stretch was a perfect start to day 1. I then led a few fun dance games including one of my favourites – how many different dance movements can you do in 1 minute. There’s nothing like some healthy competition to wake people up! 

Each dancer facilitated a movement task as a starting point for exploration and discussion, we dug deep, reflecting on the task’s purpose and the building blocks required to support dancers in grasping and understanding movement ideas and concepts. It was fantastic to move together and for me personally, it was the first contact work I had done in over 2 years, I realised how much I had missed it. 

The afternoon was spent delivering Disability Confidence Training and then applying awareness to the dance context. I gave lots of scenarios and this enabled us to think about our approach and how we work with people in the studio. As the day went on, we fully owned the room – post-it notes on the wall, big sheets of paper, words on the page, dancers’ belongings scattered across the room – always a sign of an excellent day. 

Next Monday the Anjali dancers arrive and the duet making process begins. I could not be more excited about this wonderful project, the making of new work combined with workshop planning and delivery. What a gift! I’m now going to love and leave you with a few words about the day from the dancers and go and do a bit of dancing in the March sunshine for myself. Spring is here… 

Rachel Liggitt 

I feel empowered.

Knowledge has been reinforced and different perspectives have been offered.

Held Nourished Grounded.

Working with a person-centred approach.

I go home with more knowledge about what the world needs and what I can do about it.

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