First Performance of the 2019 Anjali Genius tour

Our Company Assistant, Bethany, reflects on her first experience on tour with Anjali at Salisbury Arts Centre.

The sun was shining for Anjali as we set off on our first tour date of 2019.

The dancers were in good spirits as we used our Tetris skills to load the minibus with all the costumes, props, set and suitcases that come with taking two works for six dancers on tour.

We arrived at our hotel in good time, taking a moment to relax and soak up the sun before checking into the hotel and heading off to find Salisbury Arts Centre. Built inside a listed church set in the midst of a peaceful garden, the Arts Centre was a beautiful place to spend two days. The staff were all very accommodating, especially our technicians who helped us deal with some rather unruly set.

Two days of tech rehearsals, classes, spacing rehearsals, run-throughs and performances were long and tiring for everybody. I was consistently impressed by the professionalism of the dancers, who stayed resilient and didn’t shy away from the hard work. They took everything in their stride, including a few technical difficulties and mishaps involved sets, costumes and technology.

Needless to say, the highlight of our time in Salisbury for me was finally seeing both works in all their grandeur. Having joined the company just three months ago, I had never seen the dancers perform on a full stage with all the lights, make-up and costumes. And I certainly was not disappointed.

Beethoven was lifted to new heights by the magnificence of the space, the dancers deepening and extending their performances to fill the auditorium. Under the old nave of the church Bloodsucker became a creepier, more surreal retelling of Nosferatu as the dancers trod the fine line between terrifying and hilarious.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the ways the dancers will impress and surprise me as they bring these brilliant works to new audiences.

I left Salisbury full of pride and itching to get back on the road with Anjali.

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