Genius is a new double bill project by Anjali Dance Company which is planned to culminate in a nationwide tour in 2017. Genius will combine a theatrical and entertaining performance with residencies, workshops and training opportunities around the UK. The performance comprises two new works, Beethoven by Gary Clarke and Nosferatu by Lea Anderson and will be suitable for a wide range of audiences, including those without previous dance experience.

Beethoven: Gary Clarke
Through a series of touching and darkly humorous short sketches, Gary’s choreography takes a look at the extraordinary life and music of Ludwig van Beethoven in a Gothic, cinematic and highly theatrical landscape of movement and gesture which is danced to excerpts of Beethoven’s music.

“Working with Anjali was a rewarding, inspiring and exciting experience. They are an amazing team of talented dance artists who fully invested in the work and its creation. Each company member brought their personality, skill, and above all their hearts and generosity to the process, which resulted in some strong, poignant and beautiful work.” Gary Clarke

Nosferatu: Lea Anderson
A stylized theatrical work that is highly technical, gently humorous and visually stunning. The work is based on the legend of the vampire Nosferatu and his depiction in film. Five distinct scenes become tales of horror, sampling various styles of acting from expressionist, nuanced silent-screen to Hammer House of Horror. Nosferatu is performed in a three-sided box with the feel of a fairground or carnival theatre. The dancers move on and off stage through the sides of the box to create the feel of film edits. A commissioned soundtrack supports the action and differentiates between the different styles.

“I wanted to work with the Anjali dancers to create a new piece of work that would take risks with no possibility of predicting the outcome, something that would allow none of us to revert to safe or known methods of creating successful work. I look forward to working with these thoughtful and passionate artists again.”   Lea Anderson

Research and Development took place between 2013 and 2016 using funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Creation is scheduled for spring 2017 and tour dates will be announced in early 2017.

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