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Hannah Dempsey

Hannah joined Anjali in 2007 and made her debut in the performance of Something Wild in Germany. She performed her acclaimed solo The Divine Splashette in Unexploded Stories in 2008 and performed in T4Two in 2009, which toured to Spain. She performed at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics in 2009 and in Fruit for…

Genius goes around

The touring scheme of Genius is dates here / place here dates here / place here dates here / place here dates here / place here  

The Reflection post


A duet inspired by an image of the moon shining on water. One’s individuality reflects on to another but shares the same time and space. The dancers explore the sound and silence of movement. The Reflection was choreographed by Aya Kobayashi and featured dancers Hannah Dempsey and Daisy Garrett. This piece is available for booking:…