Teacher training with integrated dance education specialist Rachel Liggitt

Daisy talks about her experiences and what she has learned in the first week of training with Rachel Liggitt...

This was a challenging first week and it was really fun and interesting. On Monday Rachel led a physical warm-up and we worked on lots of ideas for leading creative tasks in workshops. We also worked on movement games and learned different ways to greet people at the beginning of a workshop. Then we worked as a team to plan a workshop for our weekly evening open class and in the evening I got to share what I learnt by teaching part of the open class.

On Tuesday Rachel gave individual and group feedback on our delivery in the open class. That helped me because I do need to work on some things. I also learnt about voice projection and talking clearly when teaching. We also looked using safe contact work in workshops.

On Wednesday I learnt about positive feedback and we each took turns in leading the warm-ups and we also shared lots of ideas.

I would love to teach in the UK and abroad with Anjali and other companies too in the future. I love working with Rachel because it will help me to get myself out there and make progress with my teaching.

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