Touring with Anjali

New Rehearsal Director Becca Randall reflects on a day with the dancers

I have been working as Rehearsal Director with Anjali Dance Company since January 2019. As I write this, company spirits are high. The dancers are relaxing after a performance. The show was well attended, and audience feedback was positive.

I realise this is one of the few times I have witnessed the dancers having ‘downtime’. As a general rule, they navigate a packed schedule of classes, rehearsals and performances as well as managing the costumes and props and planning ahead to the next gig.

My role as RD is to help the dancers achieve their best, individually and as a company, each time they go on stage. I regularly give the dancers ‘notes’- individual feedback on their performances. I know from my own experiences as a dancer that receiving this critique can at times be hard.

Today, as we all take a moment to pause, I find myself considering how resilient this company are as artists, always striving to improve, ready to try again. The dancers turn up each day, full of enthusiasm and ready to work.

This morning, at the end of warm-up class (when the dancers were supposed to be having a break), Jason suddenly said “Again, please, Becca”, and as I turned to see what he wanted, he was dancing across the stage, practising a phrase of movement.

There will always be more we can work on, always more we can do. That is the nature of the performing arts. So, next week, we will do it again, and we will find new details to perfect, so we can be even better than last time.

But for now, let’s enjoy this moment of rest!

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