WYSIWYG (2003-2004)

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) was Anjali’s second major tour, another triple bill consisting of Waiting Room choreographed by Claire Russ, Wonderland choreographed by Marianne Rouvier-Angeli, and Parable choreographed by Caroline Moss and directed by Nicole Thomson. WYSIWYG toured nationally and internationally throughout 2003-2004 to venues which included Lillian Bayliss Studio and Stratford Circus in London and Teatro Muincipal in Lisbon, Portugal.

Waiting Room

In the act of waiting, six personalities involuntarily revealed themselves. They slipped between identities, toying with social conventions. What was the essence of the technical world they and we inhabit? Waiting Room was an intricate and beautiful web of inventive and evocative dance with an underlying theme of metaphysical questioning of humanity, technology and the supernatural.

Choreographer: Clare Russ
Staging and design: Kasia and Gavin Howard
Music: Daryl Runswick
Costume Design: Gemma Fripp


The city. Men in neatly pressed suits, emotions highly charged and filed in an attaché case. Hurrying, always hurrying. Six characters celebrated and defied the world. The attaché case was opened and video projections abounded where you would have least expected. This was Dance theatre at its most inventive.

Choreographer: Marianne Rouvier-Angeli
Staging and design: Kasia and Gavin Howard


Memories spilling into space, conjured from the dancers’ blurred recollections by music and images. The past taking form, shared in the present through sound, senses, 3D images, animation and sumptuous movements. Inspired by a filmed improvisation between dancers and musicians, including Ric Sanders of Fairport Convention, Parable explored outward projections of the dancer’s innermost worlds.

Choreographers: Nicole Thomson and Caroline Moss
Staging and design: Kasia and Gavin Howard
Costume design: Bobbie Watson
Live music: Ric Sanders (violin) & Vo Fletcher (guitar)